Tuesday, August 08, 2006

15 States Grant Right to Kill in Self Defense; Killing "Just For Fun" Planned for 2007

After a New York Times article reported today that 15 states expanded the right to shoot in self defense, 3 more states added they planned ammendments to allow killing "just for fun" by the end of 2007. While opponents of the plan have said it is an outrageous violation of the constitution, many "pro-fun" advocates, and the NRA, have come to support the planned measures.

"Why shouldn't a good tax-paying American be able to shoot his neighbors or total strangers for fun, without the fear of criminal litigation?" said Walter McCallister, head of the movement to legalize human hunting in the state of Colorado. "All these gun control hippies are infringing upon my right to bear arms, and then to shoot those arms at random bystanders."

While most Colorado citizens have not actually discharged their weapons at other humans, many say the excitement of the idea may bring in large amounts of tourist income that could go toward reversing the budget deficit. Governor Bill Owens has quietly supported the legislative proposal for these reasons.

But the NRA says a new law allowing people to shoot other people for sport will come too late. Wayne LaPierre, the executive Vice President of the NRA is concerned the whole year of 2007 will be spent "in legislative and political battles, instead of where it should be, out there on the hunting field." But he had a message for Colorado citizens who wanted to get a jump start on the all but sure-thing law passage next year: "Go ahead and start shooting now. With this new law in place, all you have to do is say it was self-defense and you're home free."


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